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Suzanne L. feature profile

Assignment: Feature Skills Development 1, Suzanne L. feature profile

Due Thursday, Nov 9:

Value: 100 points.

(This assignment will replace archives feature–about a person in Towson University’s history–as Feature Skills Development 1 grade. Archives feature will become a part of podcasting unit assignment in the last two weeks of the semester. (See Weeks 14,15)

Assignment: Our speaker on Thursday, November 2 will be Suzanne Loudermilk, restaurant reviewer and food writer for The Baltimore Sun. Please do not come in late and please no talking in class. We will be taking notes. Please hold your questions until she finishes her talk and then please limit your questions to one per student.

Write a 600-word feature story profile that focuses on Suzanne Loudermilk and a specific theme of your choosing within her presentation.


All writing must be in complete sentences. No sentence fragments.

Lede is Wall Street Journal formula with anecdote and nut graf.

Must include at least three direct quotes that are strong, relevant, and appropriately placed as well as correctly formatted.

There must also be attributions throughout.

Story must be developed with:

logical order of ideas

smooth flow

strong transitions through the paragraphs of the story.

Story must have a strong closing.

No errors in fact

No errors in grammar

No errors in AP style

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