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Do four skills assignments and write a news story

Write a 400 word news story on a story idea you have selected. Follow the steps in the process of news writing for you story idea and write a well-crafted news story using the guidelines we practiced in class.

Due Thursday, Nov. 9

(Skills Assignments 7, 8, 9, 10: Complete all four skills assignments. Put together a package in order of the Skills assignment number with completed story on the front.)

Value: 160 points

Skills practice #7: In-class practice developing story ideas.

Choose a story idea for a news story you will write.

Create a general list of who you need to interview. (Example: organizer of event, festival attendee, worker at festival, visitor at festival)

Create a list of specific names of balanced sources.

Skills practice #8: Use the story idea you have selected to develop thought questions, make contacts and interview sources.

Write a list of thought questions.

Contact an organizer or spokesperson and talk to that person about the story idea.

Take notes and get quotes.

Skills practice #9: Contact all of your sources for your story and interview them. 

Finish all interviews and bring notes to class.

You should have enough notes to write a 400 word, 10 paragraph news story.


Skills practice #10: Write news story using template provided in class. (see below)

Use the news writing model we practiced in class to write your news story.

Completed news story due Thursday, Nov. 9. Put together a neat package that includes Skills Practices 7,8,9,10. Staple together with finished story on the front



Oh no! I’ve interviewed all of these people and now I have pages and pages of notes. How do I turn them into a news or feature story?

Below is your template for writing a news story. This is your guide that will help you complete your own news story. (Based on Page 92, exercise 2, Harrower text)


(Anecdote)It’s been 10 years since singer/songwriter Claire Annette moved away from her hometown of Baltimore and embarked on a career that has taken her around the world.

(Anecdote)She has sold millions of CDs and has been featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone.”

(NUT GRAF: SUMMARY STATEMENT)Now she’s returning to the Maryland town for the first time since high school graduation to perform in concert at Adler Auditorium.

(QUOTE)“Even though I really needed to get away to start over, find my own voice, I’ve always kept that little town in my heart,” she said by cell phone as she waited in an airport somewhere in Japan. “But I’m still basically the same lonely nerd I was back in high school.”

(PARAPHRASE)She said that she feels some sadness about returning to the city because most of her family has moved away or died.

(QUOTE)“It’s really a painful reminder of life goes on, things change,” she said.

(PARAPHRASE)But, she said, she would enjoy seeing the piano teacher, Ramona Washburn, with whom she studied for seven years.

(QUOTE)“I still catch myself, in the middle of a concert, thinking ‘Boy, if only Mrs. Washburn could see me now,’” she said.

(PARAPHRASE)Ramona Washburn recently spoke of her memories of teaching Claire Annette to play classical, jazz and ragtime music once each week in a studio in her living room.

(PARAPHRASE)She said that Annette was a precise student who hated to make mistakes. She said she told her that it’s not enough just to hit the notes.

(QUOTE)“You’ve got to put joy and pain and love into everything you play,” she remembered telling her.

(PARAPHRASE)Today, Washburn said, she thinks that some of the music her former student plays is vulgar and loud.

(QUOTE)“But when she plays soft and slow, oh, it’s a sweet thing to hear isn’t it?” Washburn said.

(PARAPHRASE)Anita Bath, who lives in Baltimore, agreed, describing Annette’s songs as “beautiful” with “lyrics like poetry.”

(PARAPHRASE)She said she has tickets for the concert and plans to be waiting for Annette at the airport when she arrives.

(QUOTE)(GREAT ENDING IS CALLED A KICKER)“We’ll wave hello when she lands and we’ll wave goodbye when she leaves,” Bath said. “This is like a dream come true for all of us here.”

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