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Rubric Suzanne L. profile

Name _________________________________

Value: 100 points

Feature profile    5

Focused theme from her talk   5

Correct word count at 600 words    5

Word count stated at top left above byline    5

All writing must be in complete sentences. Do not include sentence fragments.    5

Lede is Wall Street Journal formula with anecdote and nut graf.      10

Must include at least three direct quotes that are       5

strong,             5

relevant,          5

appropriately placed       5

correctly formatted.        5

There are attributions throughout.       5

Story must be developed with:

logical order of ideas        5

smooth flow                  5

strong transitions through the paragraphs of the story.        5

Story must have a strong closing.        5

No errors in fact        5

No errors in grammar       5

No errors in AP style      5

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