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News Story (4 skills) RUBRIC

Rubric: News Story (4 Skills Assignments)             Name_____________________________

Value: 160 points

Due: November 9

Length: 400 words


Provide story idea for the news story you wrote. Be specific. 10

Create a general list of who you need to interview. (Example: organizer of event, festival attendee, worker at festival, visitor at festival) 10

Create a list of specific names of balanced sources. 10

Use the story idea you have selected to develop thought questions 10

Contact sources. 10

Interview sources. 20

Take notes 10

Get quotes. 20

Contact all of your sources for your story and interview them. 10

Finish all interviews 10

Bring notes to class. 5

You should have enough notes to write a 400 word, 10 paragraph news story. 5

All information must be gathered in interviews. 5

Write news story using template provided in class and on the assignment page. 20

Put together a neat package that includes Skills Practices 7,8,9,10. Staple together with finished story on the front.   5

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