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Food Feature Story

Name _________________________________

Value: 150 points

Due: Tuesday, October 31 (accepted without penalty through Tuesday, Nov. 7. )

This is a 600 word feature story about food based upon interviews with one or two expert sources with credentials. A good choice would be a homemade ice cream maker who owns an ice cream shop; a baker who owns a bakery, a chef who runs the kitchen at a restaurant. You may also select from story ideas modeled after these examples of food writing.

Food feature story idea modeled after examples above       5

Includes one or two expert sources with credentials            5

Clearly focused theme    5

Correct word count at 600 words    5

Word count stated at top left above byline    5

All writing must be in complete sentences. Do not include sentence fragments.   10

Lede is Wall Street Journal formula with anecdote and nut graf.      15

Must include at least three direct quotes that are     10

strong,             5

relevant,          5

appropriately placed       5

correctly formatted.        10

There are attributions throughout.       5

Story must be developed with:

logical order of ideas       10

smooth flow                  10

strong transitions through the paragraphs of the story.        10

Story must have a strong closing.        5

No errors in fact        5

No errors in grammar       10

No errors in AP style      10

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