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Feature story 3 with photo assignment

Due: Thursday, November 17

Length: 500 words

Value: 150 points

Write a feature story and take one high-quality, artistic photo, demonstrating photography techniques that we have learned in class. YOU MUST TAKE THE PHOTO YOURSELF. Stories will be written from information gathered in telephone or in-person interviews with two experts (knowledgeable persons with credentials) with at least two strong quotes from each person in addition to facts gathered from the interview. No on-line interviewing or questions. Students may choose from the following subject areas: a new business that is opening or recently opened; a trend in food, fitness, fashion or other topic area; a fabulous travel destination. You may also brainstorm other off-campus topics to be added to this list.

Our goal this semester is to expand our horizons so NO stories about Towson University are allowed. Also, no stories about sports, politics, fraternities/sororities, tattoos or parking. Do not interview anyone you know or anyone to whom you are related.

On the due date for each feature story, email your story to yourself. Also bring a printout of your story to class. Students will peer edit a classmate’s work and will receive a grade for the quality of that editing. Students will then have the opportunity to make corrections to their feature stories and post them to Blackboard during class. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A DOCUMENTED EXCUSED ABSENCE.

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