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Feature story 4 MCOM356 assignment/rubric

Name: _____________________________

Rubric: MCOM356 Feature Story #4

Value: 100 points

Due: Thursday, May 10 through Blackboard submission no later than midnight. Click here to see Rubric.

Any assignments submitted to Blackboard after that time and date will be considered late. Late assignments will only be accepted up to 48 hours after that and will be automatically lowered by one full grade.

I will be looking for your best work and I expect your story to be of final draft quality.

This is a feature story that is about 800 words in length. It should fall under the broad topic of a lifestyles feature, specifically in sports features, fashion/beauty or any of the categories listed on the  syllabus that you haven’t written yet. To earn at least a C, you must interview a minimum of four expert sources with credentials who are professionals. Do not interview your family members. The exception will be if you are writing a profile and you decide that your story will be best with only the primary person. In this case, you may include just the one expert source but the details that you provide in the story should be enhanced and more extensive.

Feature story has narrow, focused angle       5

Story has narrative tension                              10

Story has action           5

Story uses anecdotes               10

Story has nut graf                    10

Includes four expert sources with credentials   OR

One expert source with credentials and enhanced details about that source     15

Correct word count at 1000 words with word count stated at top left above byline 2.5

Byline bold and centered above story  2.5

All writing is in complete sentences. Do not include sentence fragments.   5

Includes at least six direct quotes that are strong, relevant, appropriately placed, correctly formatted.       10

There are attributions throughout.     2.5

Story flows smoothly with logical order of ideas     2.5

strong transitions from paragraph to paragraph       2.5

a strong closing (kicker)      2.5

No errors in fact, grammar or AP Style 15



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