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Discussion Questions #1

Addario Discussion Questions #1

  1. In the Prelude to her book, Lynsey Addario described herself as “terrified but exhilarated” by her work as a conflict photographer. Why did she choose to continue to go to places like Libya that she described as the scariest of all assignments?
  2. Reporters sometimes experience feelings of invincibility as they pursue stories in dangerous settings. Describe the mixed feelings that Addario discussed in terms of fear and exhilaration. What were her thoughts when she was kidnapped?
  3. Describe the evolution of her career and the path she followed.
  4. Discuss her explanation of why she does this work.
  5. Why did she write the book and why was it given this title?
  6. She said that her hobby of photography became her life when she realized it was a way to tell people’s stories. Discuss.
  7. What were some of the most important lessons of photography that she learned?
  8. On page 37, she wrote that she “just saw the door and went through it.” Discuss what this means to you.
  9. What is a foreign correspondent? Think about question #2 and discuss how she begins to rationalize the risks they face. She talks about her intentions. Why does she say she wasn’t afraid?
  10. How was she able to shoot photos when she travelled to Afghanistan where women lived under the restrictions of the Taliban? She was accustomed to establishing a rapport with people through eye contact but this was not acceptable in that country. And there were so many other restrictions that stood in her way.
  11. What were some examples of cultural diversity that she experienced? How did these lessons help her as a reporter?
  12. Why did she return to Afghanistan after 9/11?
  13. Begin a list of personal qualities that helped her to become a better photojournalist. Continue to add to that list throughout the entire book.
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