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Assignment Desk 4.1 and 4.2

Assignment Desk 4.1

Find the essential facts of the story.  Answer as many of the 5 W’s and How as you can:

The City Council met last night to consider an ordinance.

The ordinance would ban smoking in all city parks.  That would make this the first city in the area to do so.

Council members reached unanimous agreement on passing the ordinance.  It will come back for a formal vote in coming weeks.

Under the ordinance, people caught smoking in a city park would be fined $100, starting with the first offense.

Councilman Gary Wenders said there has not been that much opposition to the ban.

“People are beginning to demand that when they step outside for a breath of fresh air, they should not find themselves choking on a smokers’ fumes,” he said.  “We all agree that people enjoying the city’s parks should be entitled to a smoke-free healthy environment.”

Assignment Desk 4.2

Take the answers to the 5 W’s and How that you arrived at in Assignment Desk 4.1.

Write at least three sentences presenting the key information, each with a different subject.  Next, look at the sentences you’ve written and choose your favorite.  Why does that one appeal to you more than the others?

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