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Editing Checklist

Editing Checklist



____ Read entire article for overall understanding.

____ Is there anything that is not clear?

____ Is there anything you don’t understand?

____ Do you have any unanswered questions? (Holes in the story.)

____ Is the main point stated clearly in the lede? (What is the main point?) 

____ Is it easy to read or do you have to work at it?

____ Does it jump around?

____Could any of the content be libelous?

____ Can you identify the source(s) of all information and opinion?

____ Has the writer kept his or her personal opinion out of the story?

____ Read the story a second time.

____ Are all sentences complete? No comma splices? No run-ons?

____ No semi-colons?

____ Is quote format correct?

____ Do paraphrased paragraphs and quotes alternate?

____ Read the story a third time.

____ Using AP Stylebook, look for errors in grammar, style and usage.

____   Fact check the article.

____  Check spellings of names, locations, businesses.

____ Check dates, ages, numbers, percentages, rankings.

____ Check any information that seems questionable.

Is this news story (choose one):

less than satisfactory


more than satisfactory

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