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Addario Blog Post #1 assignment

MCOM356 Writing Assignment: Addario Blog Post #1

Fall 2017

In-class exercise, How to write a blog entry

Write a blog entry based upon your first reading assignment from the Lynsey Addario book, “It’s What I Do.”

(Blogs should be easy to read because many online readers like to skim content. A few ways to accomplish this are by using short paragraphs, short sentences, and following the writing guidelines on the next page.)

Directions: Using your thoughts about the book and your answers to the first set of discussion questions, select a focused theme from the list below:

  1. Why does Lynsey Addario choose to be a conflict photographer?
  2. What did Addario mean when she said that she “just saw the door and went through it?” How did she demonstrate her commitment to this philosophy?
  3. What were some of the most important lessons of photography that she learned?
  4. Discuss the cultural diversity that she experienced and how this helped her as a reporter.
  5. What skills does Lynsey Addario, the photojournalist, share with the news reporters who are news features as they travel through areas of conflict?


Provide examples from the book that support the theme.

Add your own perspective about the theme.

Make a final point that you want your reader to remember.

End with a call to action that directs the reader to do something specific.


Writing guidelines:

Length: 350 words

Width: about 80  characters wide, including spaces

Typeface: Verdana

Font size: bigger is better, experiment for easy to read size

No italics.

Use bold for emphasis but don’t overdo it.


Step 1: Identify Your Audience

For the purpose of this assignment, the audience is the students in this class.

Step 2: Create an outline by picking a theme and a main point about the theme.

Step 3: Add supporting examples to the outline.

Step 4: Add your own perspective about the theme to the outline.

Step 5: Add a take-away message for the audience to remember.

Step 6: Add something you want the audience to do.



After outline is prepared, write your blog:

The introduction presents the theme with a compelling opening and briefly summarizes the topic. Hook your readers in these first few paragraphs.

The body elaborates on the topic with deeper analysis or perspective of Lynsey Addario. The body then provides your unique perspective on the theme.

The conclusion wraps up your post with a brief statement that’s reflective of what your readers just learned. You then encourage your readers to take action…for example, read the book or check out a specific link online that you provide a hyperlink to.



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