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Skills Practice 2: Interviewing

MCOM 257 Skills practice #2: Interviewing


What is interviewing?



Why might interviewing be considered an art?




Why is it important?




What are the basic steps in interviewing?




What is the difference between basic questions and deep questions?


Interviewing practice


Introduce yourself to a classmate you have never talked to before.


Take notes and ask lots of questions.


Explain to your classmate that you are a journalism student at Towson University and you are trying to get ideas for a news story to write.


Tell your classmate that you are hoping that he or she can help you by telling you about interesting hobbies or experiences from his/her own life. Talking to people is a great way to learn about interesting topics to write about and inform the public.


Ask your classmate what he/she finds most enjoyable or most exciting in life. What is his/her passion? What is his/her dream? What is the most exciting thing he/she has ever done?


If your classmate is struggling to think of anything, brainstorm to help him or her. Try to find out a few ideas from your classmate.

Gather lots of details. KEEP YOUR NOTES.


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