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Newsroom 101 Instructions

Instructions to Students Using Newsroom 101

After you have enrolled and read all directions below, click here to check Newsroom 101 due dates.


Welcome to Newsroom 101, a set of exercises on grammar, usage, spelling and AP style to supplement your course. Please read these instructions carefully. Once you become familiar with Newsroom 101, you will find it consistent and easy to use.

To enroll, go to the Newsroom 101 home page at:

In the left column, click on “Find Your Section” and choose your teacher’s section from the list.

Username and password. An account has already been created for you by your institution. Log in on the left side of the log-in page, with:


Username: your email address as it was provided to us


Temporary password: Newsroom101


If that combination does not work, consider whether you might have been registered with a different email address. If so, use that one as your username.


If the program tells you to pay through Paypal, you are in the wrong section. Back up, find your section, and try again. You are already enrolled in the correct section. Just find it.


Do not create a new account! Because your institution has already set up and paid for an account for you, the system already knows you and considers you a “returning user.” If you create a second account, this can cause problems later.


Password. Change the temporary password after you log in. Create a strong password, with at least:

  • 8 characters,
  • 1 uppercase letter,
  • 1 lowercase letter and
  • 1 number.


Make the password difficult for anyone to guess, but easy for you to remember.


Remember your username and password.

Site policies. When you sign up, you will be asked to review the site policies, which include the policies on privacy and refunds. We have tried to make these straightforward, but there is a lot to consider. Review the policies and click the box.


If you forget your password. Later in the course, if you forget your password, there is a link (under the log-in form) for creating a new one, called “Fogotten your password?” It requires you to respond to an  email sent to the address you used when you signed up.

In an effort to protect you, email servers sometimes block our emails with instructions on how to reset your password. For that reason, we have rewritten the text of that email to avoid the word “password.” You’ll see a term like “access,” or the abbreviation “PW,” instead of “password.”

If you don’t find the password-reset email in your inbox, check the spam folder.

If you requested to reset your password but do not receive an email, notify us through the Contact form on our home page at Tell us which section you are enrolled in, and your institution, and we will help.

Problems logging in. This is rare, but if you ever have repeated difficulties logging in and cannot obtain the link to reset your password, do not create a new account. Ask for help from another student who is not having this problem. Contact your teacher, who will notify tech support if unable to help.

Mobile devices. Newsroom 101 works on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. You may access Newsroom 101 through your device’s browser, or through the Moodle Mobile app.

Things to Remember

  • You may take any quiz as many times as you choose. Only the highest score will be recorded. Repeating a quiz cannot lower your score on it.
  • The pretest and posttest are different. They are tests. You may take them only once. Only your first answer to any question will be recorded.
    • In case you have a technical problem in the middle of the pretest or posttest, you may start one more time and pick up where you left off. Your initial answers have been recorded and cannot be changed, so there is no advantage to taking those tests more than once.
    • If your teacher assigns the pretest and posttest, the teacher will provide you with the passwords you need for those tests. If you need those passwords, ask your teacher for them.
    • You must earn at least 90 percent on every regular quiz.
    • Some quizzes are grouped into units that culminate in a quiz marked “review” (or “all”).
      • You must score at least 80 percent on review quizzes.
      • You must complete the preceding quizzes in that unit before you can take the review quiz.
        • The prerequisites for each review quiz are listed with that quiz, and the prerequisites disappear from the list as you complete them.
  • Use the gradebook to track your progress. You’ll see a list showing your grade on each quiz. Using the gradebook, you can easily see which quizzes you have completed.
    • Column 2 of the gradebook shows a count of the total number of quizzes you have completed. Even if you think you have completed a different number of quizzes, you should rely on this figure because it is what your teacher will use.
    • The quizzes in the pretest and posttest are NOT included in this count of quizzes completed.
  • Technology is imperfect. Things go wrong. If you wait till the last minute to complete your assignments, some problem that would have been a minor inconvenience at an earlier time may become catastrophic. And there will be nothing anyone can do to help. So give yourself a margin of safety. Finish your work on time. Or sooner.

One more thing:

  • Work hard, learn a lot, and have a good time doing so!



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