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Weekly Updates for MCOM356

Feb. 6-8, 2018. This week we will explore Lynsey Addario’s memoir, “It’s What I Do” for a glimpse of her interviewing techniques and her inspiration for reporting. Please be sure that you have finished reading the assigned chapters before class on Tuesday. Remember to be a strong participant in the activity. Daily participation along with on-time arrivals, class courtesy and civility are among the guidelines that lead to 8 daily points as good class citizens. Take notes on the assigned questions so you will be prepared for the discussion led by two of your classmates. Use your reading and the discussion to write a journal entry and submit it on Blackboard by Wednesday. Submit your rubric before class on Thursday. This week we’ll go over the Assignment and Rubric for our practice feature story #1 that you need to submit by Monday, Feb. 12 on Blackboard. Turn your rubric in before class on Tuesday, Feb. 13. We’ll look at examples and a Powerpoint this week to help you understand how to use Action, Anecdotes and Angle to successfully complete the writing of your first feature.

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