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MCOM356 Assignments

MCOM356 Feature Writing Spring 2018

Assignment: Lynsey Addario memoir, “It’s What I Do”

Value: 50 points


Why it is important for us to read about Lynsey Addario in Feature Writing class?


Lynsey Addario is a storyteller. She is a combat photojournalist whose reporting skills make her a role model for young reporters. By reading her memoir, watching her multimedia stories and following her example, we can improve our own storytelling and interviewing skills. These two skills are important to successful feature writing and we can learn a lot from Lynsey Addario.


Learning objectives:

  • To find the inspiration and passion you will need as a reporter to become a great storyteller.
  • To learn how to improve your interviewing skills by connecting more deeply with your sources.


  1. Introduction to assignment: In class on Jan 30, we will watch a brief multimedia feature story told by Lynsey Addario, “Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone.” If you do not see the video in class, be sure to watch it on your own.
  3. For homework starting on the first day of class, Jan 30, read Prelude, Chapter 2, Chapter 4.
  4. As you read, take notes that will help you answer these questions:
    1. How does Lynsey Addario bring inspiration to her reporting? Why is it important for reporters to be inspired about every story they write about? What have you learned from her that would help you to be more inspired about your reporting and feature writing?
    2. What can we learn from Lynsey Addario about interviewing for a feature story? What have you learned from her that would lead you to change your personal interviewing style for feature writing?
  5. Finish the reading and bring your typed or written notes from the reading questions with you to class on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Turn these in after the discussion. Be prepared to discuss these questions in class in a Pair-Share Activity. (Activity will start with class teams of two talking together about the questions under the direction of our two class leaders. After five minutes the leaders will end the small group discussions and bring the entire class into discussion of the two questions.)  The two class leaders will be selected on Tuesday, Jan 30 during the first class.
  6.  Using your own thoughts from the reading and additional ideas from the class discussion, write a typed, single-spaced,  (double-spaced between paragraphs, please) 250-word journal entry with six paragraphs (grafs) that discuss Questions 1 and 2 above. This is due Wed, Feb 7. Submit on Blackboard.
  7. Turn in grading rubric before class starts on Thursday,  Feb. 8.

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