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Ithaca Farmer’s Market

By JoAnne C. Broadwater

The Ithaca Farmer’s Market has been a tradition in upstate New York since 1973. Residents and visitors throng to Steamboat Landing on Cayuga Lake where they can enjoy local produce and wares.  An ecotour boat carries passengers from the dock on an exploration of one of the glacial Finger Lakes.  Native Ithacans have made this award-winning farmer’s market a weekend tradition.

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  1. This slideshow is inspirational. I enjoyed it and how well the audio went with the different photos. I thought the photos did a good job in exemplifying the variety and enjoyment people get out of coming to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market.

  2. Hi Mrs.Broadwater,

    I wanted to see your Ithica Farmer’s Market video again because I loved your photos. I thought they not only captured the fresh foods that were there but the people who go there as well.My favorite part about your slideshow is the fact that the audio fit your photos perfectly.

  3. I enjoyed this slideshow because it was unique and different! You really captured the true beauty this market has to offer and I think locals of Ithaca would greatly appreciate the time, effort, and hard work you put into making sure your facts were right and your pictures were beautiful! I enjoyed learning about something I never knew existed before and its really interesting to learn about other town’s traditions. Good Job! 🙂

  4. I love the organization of this blog. Everything is so organized and easy to click through! The Ithaca Farmer’s Market also looks really cool. There are some great photos in your slideshow and the introductory blurb really made me want to take an interest and find out more about the Ithaca Farmer’s Market and farmer’s markets in general.

  5. Professor Broadwater–Your slideshow of Ithaca’s Farmer’s Market is wonderful. I myself am from the NY area and have friends who attend Ithaca College and Cornell and I have not had to opportunity to visit the market. Your slideshow intrigues me so much that I would love to go visit it the next time I am in the area. Your photos coincided with your audio story so effectively that it truly brought out the beauty in your story. It’s the simple things like a Farmer’s Market and the true beauty of the outdoors that can really make one happy!

  6. Professor Broadwater,
    I guess I will start off by saying I have never been to New York but your video did make me quite hungry. With all the colorful pictures of produce it was great. The flow of your video was very good everything matched up well and it seems like you really enjoyed this farmers market.

  7. I could spend all day looking at your blog. The amount of links, stories and slideshows is incredible!! They really do a great job of allowing the reader to find out more if they want and just how to do it. The photos that you took are amazing. I especially liked the ones from the snow storm since I am from Harford County. I was stranded in Towson but it was awesome to see what it was like for the people back where I’m from.

  8. Your blog is very informative while still being easy to navigate through. The theme you chose made it very easy to view all of your content. Also, the Ithaca slideshow was a great template for the students to learn from.

  9. I like the photos you took from the farmer’s market. All of the food looks to fresh and lively and delicious. Also, I think that using pictures that showed just how many people were there demonstrates the popularity of the event. I like that you posted links so that after reading your blurb and watching your slideshow I can find out more information about the Farmer’s Market and see how the Ithaca Farmer’s Market is unique from others in the area and across the U.S.

  10. Professor Broadwater, I enjoyed your slideshow about the Itheca Farmers Market. Your photos of the beautiful water, the colorful fruits and vegetables, and the happpy patrons proved the market to be the lovely, exciting place-to-be that your interviewees had described it as. I thought the quotes included in your story really made the market seem like a lovely place to visit on a Saturday afternoon.

  11. I have never been to this market but your slide show has me interested in visiting. Your pictures are really cool and show all the variety there is at that market. Your site is nice and very easy to navigate. I enjoyed taking this class and I hope I take another one of your classes in the future.

  12. Nice Pictures and Great quotes!

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