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Fall at Towson University 2010

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  1. Your layout is so neat and organized and I understand why I should have used it, now. I like that you actually put to practice what you teach with your photos, a lot of professors sometimes don’t.

  2. Professor Broadwater,

    I love how I am a star on your blog. 🙂 You’re fall photographs inspired me to go out and capture good pictures. You know it’s fall when I have on my peacoat, boots, a scarf, and gloves. I really enjoyed looking at the picture of your horse everytime I opened up your wordpress site. I think using wordpress in this class was a better resource than Blackboard. It allowed us to learn different techniques that we will need in the future. I really enjoyed this class. Hope you have a great break and hope to have you as my professor again. 🙂

  3. I forgot to add that your farmers market video was really impressive. I tried to follow that format but didn’t do as well, yours is so professional. If I saw it on TV or the internet it would have right at home.

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