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Instagram photo/story assignment


 Write a 350-word Instagram entry

Goals: Develop food photography skills and and food writing skills in an Instagram post that describes food using memories.

Length: 350 words (this word count only includes the essay)

Value: 100 points

Please note that this is a two part assignment with two due dates.

Part 1: As we discussed in class on Thursday, Oct. 12, take a carefully styled close up food photo that inspires memories from your own life or the life of a family member or friend. Prepare a draft of the memory or memories you plan to share.  Due: 11 a.m., beginning of class, Oct. 17. 

Part 2: I will explain Part 2 in class on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Please hold your questions until after I go over the assignment.

Write a 350 word storytelling essay about the food you have photographed and the memories associated with it. Do not break it into paragraphs. Do not include quotes or quote marks. Do not write in news style. If the memories are your own, strive to avoid the use of I. Due: October 24, 2017.

Here are some examples of work that students have done during previous semesters. Please be aware that some students were more successful at meeting the requirements than others so look through more than one.

Part 2 (continued): Open a separate Instagram account (separate from your personal account) and give it a food blogger name that you like. Here are a few tutorials to get you started.

Create your post using your photo and essay and at least 11 hashtags, including food, geography and brand, as appropriate. Visit this site for a list of some suggested hashtags for Instagram food writers:

Embed or link your instagram account in your WordPress blog.  Here is a tutorial to help you:



BACKGROUND: Journalists are experimenting with using social media app Instagram for  profile packages that include a single photo and a narrative.

The narratives focus on small moments in an individual’s life that are rich in detail and easy to read. Instagram narratives are limited to 2,200 characters or about 350 words. The close-up photos that accompany the narratives are sharp and crisp and capture the person’s depth of character.

The following articles discuss and provide examples of shortform stories/photos.

Are Super-Long Instagram Captions the New Personal Blog?

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